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Badass Lid review

Badass Lid review

For Christmas my wife bought me a new lid. I have always gotten DOT helmets. Never have I been one to buy and expensive helmet, but saw this one and it is great.

So I got the BadAss Lid, and this is the best lid I have every put on. Most lids I have had were either just about a right fit, or to tight. This lid is perfect. I have the CARBONAIR ROCKER, and this thing is light.

From their site:


The CARBONAIR ROCKER….No other DOT Helmet even comes close.”

I took a couple of photos, this is the smallest DOT helmet I have seen.

None of the old Styrofoam they use in most lids. I have used this a full season, the foam inside has not broken down at all still the same good fit. I am bald so I wear a due rag or bandanna on my head with the lid, to keep the lid cleaner. Love the easy clip to hook and un-hook. Can put the lid on or off with my gloves on.

I go on long rides at times. Some all day and have had the bad neck pain from a heavy lid. This one you barley know it is there. This is one great helmet. They did not pay me for saying any of this. (but if they would like to donate a lid for my wife that would be great)

If you might like to see their site or buy a lid go to. Badass lids.

Keep the shiny side up.

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